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Are you playing for a Top-10 team (girls edition)?

Now that we're into the business end of the girls tennis season, here's our first crack at ranking the top 10 teams in South Hampton Roads. As always, your critiques aren't just welcome, they're highly encouraged via Twitter, Facebook or at

1. Cox
     - Surprise! A season-opening 5-4 victory over Granby suggested that the Falcons may not be quite as head-and-shoulders ahead of the field as in years past. We're also eager to see what happens on May 10 when Cox travels to Kellam. For now, though, let's just say that tabbing Cox the favorite in girls tennis is an extremely sturdy limb to be out on.

2. Nansemond River
     - The Warriors won their first match 8-1. They've won the next nine - against victims including Grassfield, Hickory and Great Bridge -by an emphatic 9-0. By now, everyone knows about No. 1 Erin Bonney, a two-time conference singles champion. But the fact is that, so far this season, the Warriors have been better than their opponents at every spot in the lineup.

3. Kellam
     - The Knights haven't played a ton of tennis yet, but a 7-2 decision over Princess Anne definitely got our attention. Upcoming challenges from First Colonial, Ocean Lakes and Cox will be illuminating.

4. First Colonial
     - The always-competitive Patriots also got past Princess Anne but like Kellam have yet to hit the meat of their schedule.

5. Princess Anne
     - Loved what we saw from Amy Liao, Kyra Smylie and the rest of the Cavaliers in last week's 8-1 victory over a competitive Maury squad.

6. Hickory
     - Led by No. 1 Jessie Gaine, the Hawks have roared out to an 8-1 mark that includes victories over Grassfield and Hickory. The lone blemish is a 9-0 defeat to the Nansemond River juggernaut.

7. Great Bridge
     - A 6-3 victory over Grassfield validates the Wildcats' case for a Top-10 spot.

8. Grassfield
     - Last week's 5-4 triumph over Ocean Lakes was enough to boost the Grizzlies..

9. Ocean Lakes
     - The Dolphins own a 6-3 victory over Granby - Norfolk's top team - and acquitted themselves reasonably well (7-2 loss) against Cox.

10. Granby
     - In addition to their close call against Cox, the Comets topped Maury 7-2 last month n the battle of Norfolk powers.



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