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Match report: Princess Anne girls 8, Maury 1

It's about time we got out to a girls match, right?

Princess Anne 8, Maury 1

The two-time defending Atlantic Conference champion Cavaliers took their first step toward consecutive title No. 3 Wednesday with a comprehensive performance against the solid Commodores in their league opener.

(Wo)man of the match

Michelle Yue, Princess Anne

Typically the queen of the three set match - Maury coach Steli Lascara said Yue had gone the distance in each of her previous matches this season - the sophomore punched out early for a change Wednesday with a 6-0, 6-4 victory over Zoe McMorris at No. 3 singles.

"I think I had more motivation to win in straight sets today," Yue said. "My placement was better, and I had more confidence in my shots. Confidence is a big thing with me."

Best against best

We only got about half of the closely contested heavyweight showdown were anticipating at No. 1 singles as Maury's Alissa Anderson and Princess Anne's Amy Liao - two players in our soon-to-be-released area Top 10 - battled it out during an entertaining first set. But with Anderson leading 5-4, Liao ripped off the final nine games to take the match.

We later learned that Anderson developed a stomach issue mid-match and was unable to continue at top form. Take nothing away from Liao, the defending conference singles champion who stroked the ball beautifully while keeping her errors in check. But even Liao acknowledged she almost certainly would have had a more difficult time of things had Anderson been at 100 percent.

By the way, we're labeling this the "Benefit of the Doubt" match, as both players played anything within six inches of any of the lines. The authors of "The Code" would be proud of these two.

Yes, we have no bananas

Breaking down the team snack menu:

Maury - Cheez-its, Rice Krispie treats (classic flavor), chewy granola bars, oranges, Gatorade.

Princess Anne - Rice Krispie treats (variety pack including treats spiked with M&Ms, Cocoa Krispie treats and "chocolately drizzle" treats), wheat thins, peanut butter cheese crackers, Pirate's Booty brand aged white cheddar favored baked rice and corn puffs (gluten free), Gatorade.

Advantage - Maury. The Cavaliers certainly had the more eclectic selection, but we're siding (slightly) with the team that provided fresh fruit as an option.

Kick serves

- We loved watching Cavaliers junior Kyra Smylie, who deployed a wide variety shots in defeating Celine Miller 6-3, 6-4 at No. 2 singles. Smylie seemingly never hit two balls the same way or at the same speed and was particularly effective with drop shots that forced Miller out of her comfort zone at the baseline. Yeah, Smylie's fun to watch. But we're glad we don't have to play her.

- Maury's point came at No. 4 singles where freshman Zada McMorris outdueled Chloe Wetzler 6-3, 6-3. The lefty McMorris takes terrific looping cuts at the ball off both wings. When her footwork catches up with those strokes, watch out.

- Rumors abounded about why each Cavalier wore a red ribbon in her hair, from simply "wanting to look cute" to taking a cue from the PA field hockey team. But we liked Yue's answer the best: "We just have a lot of school spirit."

Up next

Both teams will return to Atlantic Conference action Monday with the Cavaliers visiting Norview and the Commodores traveling to another league power, Hickory.

For complete match-by-match results of Princess Anne-Maury as well as other scores, visit our Facebook page.


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